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Local search

Local SEO becomes the most important part of your marketing strategy when the number of voice search activities and “near me” keywords increases.

Do you really know what Local SEO is?

Local SEO is an integral part of our marketing strategy. This will help your business be more visible in local search results. Effective local SEO can make our web pages rank high on Google Search Results using keywords. If you have a physical store location or serve a specific geographic area, you will get benefits from local SEO. Searchers are actively looking for stores near their area. So Local SEO can make traffic to your website and optimize your conversion rate.88% of mobile searches result in a call or a visit to the store within 24hrs. Try to give importance to local search. 

Now you know about local SEO and its importance in your business.We can move on to the next part: Create a Local SEO strategy.

Most companies hire a Digital Marketing Specialist for building strategies.

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But if you try, you can build an attractive strategy for your local SEO.its a good idea to plan your own strategy to boost your ranking on local search.

These are some important facts to follow to build  an SEO strategy

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Website optimization
  3. Citation
  1. Keyword Research

A common format for Local SEO is “service in a nearby location”. For example, If your company is located in Trivandrum and your local search keyword gives preference to SEO service in Trivandrum. When a user from Trivandrum uses the keyword “SEO services near me” your company webpage will appear on the first page.

There are lots of searches happening on a daily basis. So It is difficult to find all these keywords and it is a crucial thing. But without finding the right keyword we cannot build a good strategy. Fortunately, we have tools like Google Keyword planner that helps us to find the right keywords. Try to use long tails keywords as the voice search is increasing nowadays. We do voice searches most of the time that will be related to the places or shops near to the locality. So try to use near-me words in your Taglines or Meta tags. You can use local phrases, Landmarks, and idioms on your website to get more traffic.

  1. Website Optimization

When you optimize your web pages using existing keywords it’s important to make sure they show local SEO content. This may mean changing your cornerstone content and your tailor-made blogs representing the geographical areas you serve. This is how Search engines recognize you as a service provider within your targeted areas.

  1. Local Citation

Local Citation is one of the most important aspects of a successful Local SEO strategy. List your Business Name, Address and Contact Number online, using the same format every time. This is the easiest way to boost your local connection in the eyes of Google. If this information is listed on multiple trusted websites, it will increase its validity and likelihood of accuracy. This will help you to rank better. You can use business directories, it’s also a great way for local connection.

How Google gives local ranking 

The three important factors that will affect your rankings 

  • Relevance:-How well it matches with customer’s search
  • Distance:-How far you are from your customer search location.
  • Importance:- How well known your business 

An effective local SEO strategy will help your rankings to improve when users search for related products from within the area you serve. Our ultimate aim is to secure our position in the first 3 , this is featured at the top of Google SERP. That will show the map reviews opening and closing times.

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