Link building Quantity vs Quality

Link Building Quality vs Quantity

Link building is always an integral part of Search engine optimization. It is the process of manually building or achieving links to a specific website or page. They can come from social media or directories. Most of them are coming from blog posts and website content. In the beginning, Google considered the number of links. All search engines rely on links to determine the website ranking. So, marketers are behind the massive impact of their rankings because of backlinks. We aim to raise our website through the rankings and generate traffic.

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But, should you have to focus on Quality or Quantity?

Search Engine algorithms get frequently updated. They can understand the relevance and intent of your backlinks. We must concentrate more on quality backlinks. Getting a backlink from a high-authority site is one technique to show Google that your site is authoritative on a certain topic.

So, what are Quality Backlinks?

Quality backlinks are coming from a high authority website domain. Search engines & searchers well trusted these links. The higher your domain authority the better your links. You can see that impact on your ranking.

What are Quantity backlinks?

Like quality Backlinks, Quantity Backlinks play a major role. Quantity can be increased through Low domain or medium-domain websites that are reliable. But most people tend to end up on spam websites to increase the number of links. As you can see there are a lot of black hat link websites delisted by Google. Always focus on the quality of links and gradually increase the quantity.

Since we discuss backlinks, we will go through what is white hat and black hat links.

White Hat Links –

Links that follow google guidelines are known as white hat links. Those links won’t be spam or track your personal information.

Black Hat Links –

Links that do not follow google guidelines are known as Black Hat links. Hackers use these spam links to collect your personal information from computers.

Now we will go through how to build quality links for your website.

·        Your website should have social media pages. Use your website links as a backline for all the company posts on your social media page.

·        Articles with a high ranking on google should be used as your blog article topic to create backlinks. Selective topics increase traffic to your website.

·        Product users always have questions and concerns. Provide answers to the users along with your website backlinks.

·        Guest Posting on other websites and blogs helps to create backlinks.

·        Contact social media or online influencers related to your business and post your links through them.

·        If you have a partnership business, create backlinks through their post as well.


Quality and Quantity links are the backbones of your business. The more quality links you create the better be the ranking. Take time and build your links rather than ending up on Spam websites. Keep up to date with google guidelines since they update frequently.

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